Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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Whoa! What a show! I never knew that world tours were so intense!

Before going on, my heart was smashing and I had a massive colony of butterflies in my stomach. This is our first ever show!

As we got on stage, I saw my brand new set of picks for my guitar, some drumsticks for Crackpot, some new bass strings for Ringo and an awesome new fire microphone for Ringo! The crowd went quiet, until we strummed the first note. Then mayhem! We rocked the house! I never knew we had so many fans! We jammed our best songs in this precise order: Spitfire, Up in Smoke, Meteora, Minutes to Midnight, Wake, Atom Bomb and finally Dancing in Hell!

After the show I signed about…3000 autographs before going to join the others at Starbucks for a chocolate chip Frappuccino! We were so overwhelmed by the amount of people that had followed us! This was an awesome experience for all of us!

Crackpot's Diary

The pressure was all over me today! It felt like ants were crawling up my legs! Make one mistake and that’s it! Peering through the curtain, I saw trillions of people, which made me think of them as billions of sharks waiting to get me! As the crowd roared like the devil, I stepped up and revealed myself. Walking to my instrument, I felt suddenly shy. The stage echoed with my footsteps as I strolled along. Picking up my sticks and sitting down, I felt scared. My heart was leaping up and down as if it had drunk 100 bottles of diet coke. As I got ready, my band members were being introduced by Rick, the band Chief! He introduced me as ‘the best drummer in the world.’ No pressure! Smoke evolved into different colours and I was ready to tackle the song. Was I going to fail or not?

The crowd prowled like a lion being attacked, but I knew we would have victory. Playing the drums as carefully as I could, I could not let my mates down. I just knew I had to keep the beat playing and nothing in the world would kill me. Rick was singing quite fast, but I managed to keep up with him, which meant Ken, (the bass guitarist) and Benjimen (the guitarist) kept up with me. My heart was pounding rapidly.

When the song was completed, I was exhausted. Rick had ran out of breath, but kindly trotted over to me and muttered ‘mission accomplished soldier. I think we hit the roof.’ When he gracefully went back, he had no voice left in him. I could just do that again! It was our first ever live song, and we did not screw up! My whole face was covered in water and everything was so blurry. I rubbed my eyes against my T-Shirt, but my reluctant eyes were stinging to death. I could not believe it. We had done it!

Rick's Diary

The concert was amazing I absolutely loved it! Wow, it was just so great!

Before going on stage, the pressure was on. Full house! Sweating, I took a quick peep through the thick red curtains. Ringo and Nimajneb were tuning their guitars; Crackpot was tapping at his drums. I could hear my heart thumping in my chest with a dreadful thought of messing up! What if I did? Would it be my last concert? Would I fail? I counted down, 5…4…3…2…1… and we were on! We jumped on stage and moment later, the crowd went wild!

As I ran on stage, I gripped the microphone tightly! I thought it was going to explode. Somebody had thrown a rose at my feet! Maybe it wasn’t going to go as bad as I thought. One word in the mike and the crowd went wild! Lights shot on, and the first note was struck. Soon after the bass and the drums joined in, and I started to sing the opening song: Up in Smoke. It was fun and when I threw my hat in the air, the fan that caught it, screamed! It felt great to sing, I felt alive!

Completely out of energy, I got off the stage, feeling so proud of myself! Sounds were still ringing in my ears from the show. We had a victory drink at a pub close by! Tonight was a brilliant night!

Ringo's Diary

Today felt like the best day of my life! However, backstage, it certainly didn’t feel like it would pan out that way. My heart was pounding, my stomach was filled to the brim with butterflies, and furthermore, I was giddy with excitement. Pacing furiously, it didn’t matter how many words of encouragement I was offered, we were going to perform to thousands of people on a beach. Miami Beach! I heard the stage director calling my, giving me my five minute warning and pointing to his watch excitedly. Peering through the curtain, I gasped. A full house! Around 50 thousand people had come to see us rock their world. Whipping out my Les Paul guitar, I followed my band onto the raised stage.

Lasers pierced the night sky. The crowd was screaming our names; you could feel adulation radiating from them. Suddenly, a deathly silence fell upon the low-lit crowd. The first note had been struck. Beaming with pride and exultation, I began to play, I felt like a God of Rock!

Several hours later, we were finished! After the performance, I felt nauseous. Thankfully, nobody asked me for an autograph, because I may have thrown up on them. In the end the crowd all got up and left, quite peacefully and we went straight to the bar to soothe our nerves!


Nimajneb (or Benjamin) was born, kicking and screaming like any other baby, in hospital on April 30th, 1981 in Thailand. Soon he left to go to Singapore at the age of 10 months, where at the age of 4 and a half he went to a school called Tanglin Trust. Grew up and left for England (Oakham town) where at a pub met Rick and than the band formed. But you haven't heard all the bits in-between!

In 1989, Benjamin moved to Hong Kong. He started to play the violin at the age of 8 and only stopped when he achieved grade 8 at the age of 10! He played the Barber of Seville with his friend Justin, who played the Cello - grade 7, in front of the whole school. In his spare time, he would play the song as fast as he could, until he reached 40 seconds once!

High School was easy for Benjamin and he achieved excellent grades so he moved onto Harvard and studied Music, Math and Chemistry. After loads of hard work and stress he finally finished school!

After Harvard, Benjamin moved to Oakham! However, feeling restless he decided to go to Russia for a holiday. One night he found himself in a pub listening to the most amazing singer. After he had performed, Benjamin asked if he would like to meet up for a jamming session. That was the start of the brilliant 2 man band!

By 2003, they had written many good songs and were playing regularly in bars around Las Vegas. It was there that they met Jimi and Ringo and in 2006 they formed: The Gods of Rock!

In 2008, they performed their first live concert on Russia! By 2009, the band was world famous and had they had become super rich! In 2009, their hit single: Spitfire went straight to number 1 and their album: Up in Smoke won best album earlier this year!


Crackpot, was born in South London, England, was born on the 1st January 1983. His real name was Jimmy Paul Cartlidge and he was born at Lewisham Hospital at 11:58 pm. His father – Harry – was a pilot who worked for the RAF (Royal Air Force.) Crackpot’s mother – Kathy – was a nurse. She had a PHD in nursing. She was even born at the same hospital as she worked in! Crackpot was the youngest of three children. He had a brother (who was older than him) named James. In addition to his parents, he had a brother and a very lazy sister who was called Jemima. This made Crackpot think that all girls are very lazy and don’t do anything the whole day! As his father and mother owned land, he grew up on a farm and learnt all about farm animals!

Crackpot’s earliest memory was when he was introduced to a drum kit. When he picked up the sticks, he banged the instruments so hard that it shattered into tiny pieces. This was at the age of three! That’s how he realised how strong they were, but it encouraged him to want to learn to play!

At the age of 5, he attended Red House School, although, he was the only one who was into music. At the age of 8, his choice of favourite subjects grew, including maths, science, history and music. In all of his tests, he got above 95% and achieved good marks! However, in music, he always achieved 100%!

Easily, he got into Secondary School. Crackpot was very quiet there, but strated to involved in a new passion: sport! In Hodgson School (11-18), a new student arrived called Ken. Sadly, he was a ‘big bully.’ By the end of middle school, Crackpot regulalry had bruises all over his body.

Eventually his parents informed the principal and Crackpot was encouraged to go to Boarding School. He argued, but after several discussions it was decided he should move to Dragon School! Throughtout Dragon School he was encouraged by Mr. Lawrence (his music teacher) to play the guitar, electric keyboard and the drums. Also, he was a great singer, until his voice cracked! Mr. Lawrence described him as ‘a well mannered boy.’ ‘He always gave his best effort in class. I have had others kids that are good but he was unique!’

In 2000, Crackpot went to Oxford University, then onto Harvard. Crackpot was 22 years old when he left. After qualifying, he finallly felt free! In 2005, he bought his first house with the money he’d saved from performing his solo act.

Crackpot and Ringo met on June 18th, 2006, the day after Crackpot saw him play in a nightclub in Las Vegas. Ringo was playing the saxophone. Crackpot was entranced with his playing and they became a two-man band wonder.

Finally, he met Benhjamin and Ken, subsequently they formed the band: Gods of Rock! Benjamin was the lead guitarist, Ken was the Bass guitarist, Rick was the singer and Crackpot was the drummer. Their first ever concert was in 2008 – Russia. In the same year, they went on a tour over the rest of Europe. They are currently quite famous, with a hit single, Spitfires, an album called Up in Smoke, and several other famous songs, including Meteora, Lightning Strike, and Wildfire.

Rick Scott

Rick Scott (a.k.a. GODZILLA) was born in Jamaica, on January 15th in1987 at Sea Snake hospital; he was born half Australian and half Jamaican. Rick has a Dad, Charles, a Mum, Karen and an older brother called Bon. Charles was a very dedicated golfer and owns successful sport shops all around the world, while Karen is a well known photographer and journalist. Charles had always tried to inspire Rick to follow in his footsteps, however right from an early age, his main love was music. His inspiring brother Bon was educated at home but spent most of his time in the garden or sitting in the huge tree out back, Rick looked up to Bon as a hero and a teacher.

One of Rick’s earliest memories was getting his first microphone, although at first, he had no clue what it was, until he started shouting into it. When he was 2 years old, he would sit in front of the television watching some of ACDC’s and The Rolling Stones most famous concerts. He loved the singers and sometimes sang along to the most memorable parts of their famous songs. Often, Bon would sit down and join Rick in his little music party.

Rick moved to Canberra at 4 years old and attended a local Boy’s Grammar School. Never really enjoying school he went every day with a sulky look on his face! His favourite lessons were music and weekly singing and he still spent his weekends listening to AC/DC, going to concerts and playing rugby. One of Rick’s most memorable moments was at primary school when he sang a solo with the choir in front of the whole school. He loved hearing the applause at the end.

Secondary School was the bore of Rick’s life as music and singing meant singing the school anthem or a slow and boring religious song! There was not a rock song to be heard anywhere! After school Rick would either go with his Dad to a club to hear a band play or go to the local music store and flick through the CDs or practice on the instruments. His favourite high school memory was being given the lead part in the school musical – it was this production that helped him realize his dream that he wanted to sing and perform on stage.

Rick decided not to go to university – it was a risk, but one he was willing to take to pursue his dream of becoming a rock star and living his days writing songs and performing on stage. On the road of becoming a famous rock star he performed as a solo singer at a club, which he enjoyed and got paid a fair amount. He didn’t really think of it as work, for him it was fun and entertainment.

In 2000, he was on holiday when he met Benjamin at a bar in Russia. They sat together both had a beer each and over the course of the evening they became great friends and a 2 man band. Their most famous songs were Little Lady and Hello Hell. About 3 years later, rock star Ken (Ringo) and Jimmy (Crackpot) saw Rick and Benjamin playing in a pub at Las Vegas and from then they were known as the Gods of Rock! His first concert was in 2008 in Russia while he was on tour in Europe. Gods of Rock’s most famous album is Up In Smoke, which includes their hit single spitfires and several other songs such as Meatiora, Lighting Strike and Wildfire.


Ringo – alias Ken Johnson – was born on the 19th of June 1983. He was born in Adamsville, Ohio, the second youngest of 5. His mother – Maria - was an accountant, father - Rick -Thomas – a qualified chef, Ringo’s little sister – Amelia – a psychiatrist, and his little brother – Mark – a banker.

Ringo’s earliest memory was when his father took him to see a concert by Paul McCartney when he was 9. As he listened, he became drawn to his music, and before too long he knew that was what he wanted to be: a rock star!

When Ken, or The Kenstar as his friends called him, was 5 when he started, he started attending Stockton Wood Primary School. Although he often helped other children with schoolwork, he was a bright boy from early ages; consequently, other kids were jealous so he didn’t have many friends. Nevertheless, his schooldays were happy times. It was there that he started learning guitar, and where he discovered he had an unusual talent for it. When he was 12, he joined Amber Shore Middle School, situated in a town a little to the west. He also started learning the saxophone while he was there, his second musical instrument.

At the age of 17, Ringo left Adamsville and headed to Ashland, Kentucky, north of the Ohio River, to study music at college. His teacher, Mr. Thornsbury, remarked, ‘I have never had a more adept pupil than Ken. I can give him a song, walk away and five minutes later I come back and he’s playing better than me!’ Overall, college was the best time of Ringo’s life, considering it was where he met his wife, Rebecca Smile. The man himself admitted, ‘It was where I got to explore my full talents.’

Crackpot and Ringo met on June 18th, 2001 the day after Crackpot saw him play in a nightclub in Las Vegas, where Ringo was performing on the saxophone. Crackpot was entranced with his playing just the same as Ringo was all those years ago by Paul McCartney. The next day, Crackpot arranged to meet him in person and they became a two-man band wonder. Several years later, in 2003, Ringo met Godzilla and Nimijneb in a pub in Las Vegas. They too were in a two-man band. Nervously, they asked them if they would like to be in Gods of Rock with him and Crackpot. They accepted. Their first concert was in 2008, in Russia. In the same year, they went on tour throughout the rest of Europe.

Currently, they are quite famous, with a hit single, Spitfires, an album, Up in Smoke, and several famous songs, including Metamoria, Lightning Strike, and Wildfire. In fact, you can still buy tickets to hear them, at well-known department stores in England, Russia, Germany, and their home state of Ohio, where Ringo was brought up!