Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Crackpot, was born in South London, England, was born on the 1st January 1983. His real name was Jimmy Paul Cartlidge and he was born at Lewisham Hospital at 11:58 pm. His father – Harry – was a pilot who worked for the RAF (Royal Air Force.) Crackpot’s mother – Kathy – was a nurse. She had a PHD in nursing. She was even born at the same hospital as she worked in! Crackpot was the youngest of three children. He had a brother (who was older than him) named James. In addition to his parents, he had a brother and a very lazy sister who was called Jemima. This made Crackpot think that all girls are very lazy and don’t do anything the whole day! As his father and mother owned land, he grew up on a farm and learnt all about farm animals!

Crackpot’s earliest memory was when he was introduced to a drum kit. When he picked up the sticks, he banged the instruments so hard that it shattered into tiny pieces. This was at the age of three! That’s how he realised how strong they were, but it encouraged him to want to learn to play!

At the age of 5, he attended Red House School, although, he was the only one who was into music. At the age of 8, his choice of favourite subjects grew, including maths, science, history and music. In all of his tests, he got above 95% and achieved good marks! However, in music, he always achieved 100%!

Easily, he got into Secondary School. Crackpot was very quiet there, but strated to involved in a new passion: sport! In Hodgson School (11-18), a new student arrived called Ken. Sadly, he was a ‘big bully.’ By the end of middle school, Crackpot regulalry had bruises all over his body.

Eventually his parents informed the principal and Crackpot was encouraged to go to Boarding School. He argued, but after several discussions it was decided he should move to Dragon School! Throughtout Dragon School he was encouraged by Mr. Lawrence (his music teacher) to play the guitar, electric keyboard and the drums. Also, he was a great singer, until his voice cracked! Mr. Lawrence described him as ‘a well mannered boy.’ ‘He always gave his best effort in class. I have had others kids that are good but he was unique!’

In 2000, Crackpot went to Oxford University, then onto Harvard. Crackpot was 22 years old when he left. After qualifying, he finallly felt free! In 2005, he bought his first house with the money he’d saved from performing his solo act.

Crackpot and Ringo met on June 18th, 2006, the day after Crackpot saw him play in a nightclub in Las Vegas. Ringo was playing the saxophone. Crackpot was entranced with his playing and they became a two-man band wonder.

Finally, he met Benhjamin and Ken, subsequently they formed the band: Gods of Rock! Benjamin was the lead guitarist, Ken was the Bass guitarist, Rick was the singer and Crackpot was the drummer. Their first ever concert was in 2008 – Russia. In the same year, they went on a tour over the rest of Europe. They are currently quite famous, with a hit single, Spitfires, an album called Up in Smoke, and several other famous songs, including Meteora, Lightning Strike, and Wildfire.

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