Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crackpot's Diary

The pressure was all over me today! It felt like ants were crawling up my legs! Make one mistake and that’s it! Peering through the curtain, I saw trillions of people, which made me think of them as billions of sharks waiting to get me! As the crowd roared like the devil, I stepped up and revealed myself. Walking to my instrument, I felt suddenly shy. The stage echoed with my footsteps as I strolled along. Picking up my sticks and sitting down, I felt scared. My heart was leaping up and down as if it had drunk 100 bottles of diet coke. As I got ready, my band members were being introduced by Rick, the band Chief! He introduced me as ‘the best drummer in the world.’ No pressure! Smoke evolved into different colours and I was ready to tackle the song. Was I going to fail or not?

The crowd prowled like a lion being attacked, but I knew we would have victory. Playing the drums as carefully as I could, I could not let my mates down. I just knew I had to keep the beat playing and nothing in the world would kill me. Rick was singing quite fast, but I managed to keep up with him, which meant Ken, (the bass guitarist) and Benjimen (the guitarist) kept up with me. My heart was pounding rapidly.

When the song was completed, I was exhausted. Rick had ran out of breath, but kindly trotted over to me and muttered ‘mission accomplished soldier. I think we hit the roof.’ When he gracefully went back, he had no voice left in him. I could just do that again! It was our first ever live song, and we did not screw up! My whole face was covered in water and everything was so blurry. I rubbed my eyes against my T-Shirt, but my reluctant eyes were stinging to death. I could not believe it. We had done it!

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