Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Ringo – alias Ken Johnson – was born on the 19th of June 1983. He was born in Adamsville, Ohio, the second youngest of 5. His mother – Maria - was an accountant, father - Rick -Thomas – a qualified chef, Ringo’s little sister – Amelia – a psychiatrist, and his little brother – Mark – a banker.

Ringo’s earliest memory was when his father took him to see a concert by Paul McCartney when he was 9. As he listened, he became drawn to his music, and before too long he knew that was what he wanted to be: a rock star!

When Ken, or The Kenstar as his friends called him, was 5 when he started, he started attending Stockton Wood Primary School. Although he often helped other children with schoolwork, he was a bright boy from early ages; consequently, other kids were jealous so he didn’t have many friends. Nevertheless, his schooldays were happy times. It was there that he started learning guitar, and where he discovered he had an unusual talent for it. When he was 12, he joined Amber Shore Middle School, situated in a town a little to the west. He also started learning the saxophone while he was there, his second musical instrument.

At the age of 17, Ringo left Adamsville and headed to Ashland, Kentucky, north of the Ohio River, to study music at college. His teacher, Mr. Thornsbury, remarked, ‘I have never had a more adept pupil than Ken. I can give him a song, walk away and five minutes later I come back and he’s playing better than me!’ Overall, college was the best time of Ringo’s life, considering it was where he met his wife, Rebecca Smile. The man himself admitted, ‘It was where I got to explore my full talents.’

Crackpot and Ringo met on June 18th, 2001 the day after Crackpot saw him play in a nightclub in Las Vegas, where Ringo was performing on the saxophone. Crackpot was entranced with his playing just the same as Ringo was all those years ago by Paul McCartney. The next day, Crackpot arranged to meet him in person and they became a two-man band wonder. Several years later, in 2003, Ringo met Godzilla and Nimijneb in a pub in Las Vegas. They too were in a two-man band. Nervously, they asked them if they would like to be in Gods of Rock with him and Crackpot. They accepted. Their first concert was in 2008, in Russia. In the same year, they went on tour throughout the rest of Europe.

Currently, they are quite famous, with a hit single, Spitfires, an album, Up in Smoke, and several famous songs, including Metamoria, Lightning Strike, and Wildfire. In fact, you can still buy tickets to hear them, at well-known department stores in England, Russia, Germany, and their home state of Ohio, where Ringo was brought up!

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