Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rick Scott

Rick Scott (a.k.a. GODZILLA) was born in Jamaica, on January 15th in1987 at Sea Snake hospital; he was born half Australian and half Jamaican. Rick has a Dad, Charles, a Mum, Karen and an older brother called Bon. Charles was a very dedicated golfer and owns successful sport shops all around the world, while Karen is a well known photographer and journalist. Charles had always tried to inspire Rick to follow in his footsteps, however right from an early age, his main love was music. His inspiring brother Bon was educated at home but spent most of his time in the garden or sitting in the huge tree out back, Rick looked up to Bon as a hero and a teacher.

One of Rick’s earliest memories was getting his first microphone, although at first, he had no clue what it was, until he started shouting into it. When he was 2 years old, he would sit in front of the television watching some of ACDC’s and The Rolling Stones most famous concerts. He loved the singers and sometimes sang along to the most memorable parts of their famous songs. Often, Bon would sit down and join Rick in his little music party.

Rick moved to Canberra at 4 years old and attended a local Boy’s Grammar School. Never really enjoying school he went every day with a sulky look on his face! His favourite lessons were music and weekly singing and he still spent his weekends listening to AC/DC, going to concerts and playing rugby. One of Rick’s most memorable moments was at primary school when he sang a solo with the choir in front of the whole school. He loved hearing the applause at the end.

Secondary School was the bore of Rick’s life as music and singing meant singing the school anthem or a slow and boring religious song! There was not a rock song to be heard anywhere! After school Rick would either go with his Dad to a club to hear a band play or go to the local music store and flick through the CDs or practice on the instruments. His favourite high school memory was being given the lead part in the school musical – it was this production that helped him realize his dream that he wanted to sing and perform on stage.

Rick decided not to go to university – it was a risk, but one he was willing to take to pursue his dream of becoming a rock star and living his days writing songs and performing on stage. On the road of becoming a famous rock star he performed as a solo singer at a club, which he enjoyed and got paid a fair amount. He didn’t really think of it as work, for him it was fun and entertainment.

In 2000, he was on holiday when he met Benjamin at a bar in Russia. They sat together both had a beer each and over the course of the evening they became great friends and a 2 man band. Their most famous songs were Little Lady and Hello Hell. About 3 years later, rock star Ken (Ringo) and Jimmy (Crackpot) saw Rick and Benjamin playing in a pub at Las Vegas and from then they were known as the Gods of Rock! His first concert was in 2008 in Russia while he was on tour in Europe. Gods of Rock’s most famous album is Up In Smoke, which includes their hit single spitfires and several other songs such as Meatiora, Lighting Strike and Wildfire.

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